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[NOW on Theatrical Release!]

"Behind THE COVE", the documentary that refutes the 2009 Academy Award winning film "THE COVE" see its theatrical release in Japan at the Shinjuku K's cinema(3-35-13 3F, Shinjuku, Tokyo TEL:03-3352-2471) NOW!!!

The documentary is screened in a BILINGUAL version.

It is the filmmaker’s wish that all persons will see this film whether they are indifferent, for, or against whaling, and regardless of their nationality or age.

This film "Behind THE COVE" is not about being for or against dolphin hunting per se. It depicts the "process" of how the film "THE COVE" was made.



映画「Behind THE COVE」はイルカ漁を賛成、反対と述べているものではありません。「ザ・コーヴ」が出来るまでの“プロセス"を描いたものです。

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