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事務局へは下記のような感想が届き、世界中へ「Behind THE COVE」が配信されているのを実感しています。

We have received the following comments on our film. This makes me realize that "Behind THE COVE" is in fact literarily been watched all over the world.


From Montana, Female
Hello Keiko Yagi! I just watched your show "behind the cove" and it really is so good! It's given me a completely new perspective on the whaling issue. Thank you for such an unbiased look at such a sensitive issue! Your film gives me a lot to think about. We hear one story and it's so easy to be ,"pulled into" the hype of that story. It's refreshing to be able to hear the other side! I come from a long line of hunters and my family fish (I'm terribly allergic to fish and cannot eat it anymore ) my point is that as long as we all are sustainable in our practices than we choose to live peaceably alongside each other in harmony....and your film showed me that Japan is very concerned with conservation just as we all should be. I hope they can continue their fight to preserve their way of life. Thank you so much for opening my eyes! I look forward to seeing more of your work! Best of luck to you! Your film showed me that Japan is very concerned with conservation just as we all should be. I hope they can continue their fight to preserve their way of life. Thank you so much for opening my eyes! I look forward to seeing more of your work! Best of luck to you!

From California, Male
Thank you for the amazing documentary! The documentary "The Cove" was created not by people that wanted to help the environment and whale species, but by people with money in their hearts. I believe when they purposely try to shock the world with exploiting the hard working whalers and men trying to put food on their families table's it's absolutely wrong. Especially since Japan has always been eating whale and fish from the ocean around your country for centuries.
I hope you don't think all American's act like those foolish "sea shepherds" who also just have money in their heart. Some of us, sadly I should say most of us Americans have a habit of thinking we have the right to judge other country's cultural and traditional beliefs and judge just because we don't do that or don't like that or it isn't in benefit of them. I mean 70% of the U.S. population hasn't even been outside of the U.S. It can explain why so many of the people from my country are just plain ignorant and also ethnocentric.

From US, Male
I just wanted to write you since I just watched your documentary here in the United States on Netflix and hopefully it will show some people the other side of things... even when I saw the cove it shocked me but I still think that all over the United States we treat animals that are constantly in cages for their whole lives worse than dolphins at one publicized cove in Japan...

From US, Female
Thank you for the amazing documentary and I apologize for the rudeness and complete ethnocentrism that comes from many people from my country.

Your documentary was honest and better than "the cove" sorry for the long message. Just wanted to say that.

From Australia,Female
i just watched your documentary! it was really good. thank you
from australia!!!!!!

i think you should do another documentary, and focus on sea shepard and the bad things they do! not many people know they are criminals

i watch your documentary, becuase i origionally do not like people to kill whales, i heard in the media, "japan is evil" and all these horrible things!
then i watched your documentary and now i understand the truth!
thank you for educating me!

From US , Male

I am an American. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your documentary. It provided me with another side of the whaling and dolphin issue that I am glad to have finally heard. It also touched on a number of subjects that I had wondered "what is the Japanese opinion on these things". I think there are truths within each side's arguments. It is a complicated issue. The deeper cause - of everything - is the inherent flaw s within Human nature itself. Still, thank you for your work. It was eye opening. Be well and happy.

From Wisconsin US, Male

I just watched your documentary on Netflix. I stopped watching all broadcast tv in 2002, so I never saw "the cove" documentary. Your documentary presumed that your audience had already seen it, which I did not. Consequently I had a difficult time understanding the point behind your documentary, "Behind THE COVE". At any rate I thoroughly enjoyed your documentary. It eventually got through to me your point of view. Your point was from the perspective of a victimized culture in Japan. I am very glad you put this together and I was able to share in your viewpoint. I empathize with the predicament of these people who love whales and simultaneously hunt them for substance. Please be aware your viewpoint is well received by myself.

From UK, Male

I have never wrote to anyone regarding their movie before, this time however I felt it important to do so.

I have just watched the documentary by Keiko Yagi and the Taiji bad press. As a mid fourties Englishman in the UK or maybe its being Westernised, we never see both sides of a story.

The people of Taiji remained professional and courteous through out and showed clearly in my eyes, how slanted the media can be, when the USA produces this type of (propaganda) movie. Its taken me till this age to finally have my eyes open to the brainwashing that goes on in the West and I find it Ironic that US "anti whaling charities" try to force an idea they could not even do in their own history. I am referring to killing the Buffalo almost to the edge of extinction only 100yrs ago and not for food but for the skin of the animal but to starve the Indian people out of existance to form the USA. We have a saying here. "People who live in Glass Houses, should not throw stones" America should abide by their own values at home, before trying to impose anything on Japan and its people. Not all Western cultures are the same as USA. Fight for tradition and your way of life or else end up like the Native Americans.

From Mexico, Female

I've just seen your marvelous documentary. It gives a feeling of calmness to take off all the prejudices and misunderstandings that the occidental media shows to us.

I do love Japanese culture, society, music, art, food and traditions, and respect it so much as well.

Here in Mexico there is a lot of prejudices about this subject. I want to divulge your documentary to show the "other side of the coin"

I'd like to thank you very much for doing it. To you and the gentle and working people of Taiji.

Behind THE COVEを今、丁度観たところです。
あなたの映画は私に多くの事を考えさせたわ。私たちは片側の話だけを聞き、誇大宣伝に安易に引き込まれてしまう。他の違う側の意見を聞けるのは新鮮です。 私の家族は何世代にもわたり漁師でした。(私個人は今は魚アレルギーで食べれなくなりました)






こんにちは、僕はアメリカ人です。ようやく捕鯨問題について反対側の意見を聞くことができ、このドキュメンタリー映画を製作したあなたにお礼を言います。 この映画には、僕が「日本人はこの問題に関してはどのように考えているのだろう?」と思うトピックが幾つも含まれていました。捕鯨問題には両側の意見に正当性があるとおもいますし、複雑な問題です。深い部分での原因は、人が生まれ持つ「欠落した部分」にあると思います。どちらにしろ、映画は目を見張る内容で、感謝しています。お元気で幸せを祈ります。







"Behind THE COVE" portrays the different ideas of the same topics from both [the anti-whaling] and [pro-whaling] viewpoint, in contrast and side-by-side.

I made this film so that everyone in the world can think together about the various contradictions including the whaling issue, I hope to continue to do so with this film in the future.

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